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EverQuest Items

Our dedicated staff is available 24/7 to take your order for EverQuest platinum or Krono.  We never use bots, hacks, exploits, isboxer, MQ2, ShowEQ, or any other 3rd party software.  All game currency is farmed by hand by courteous professional gamers operating either within the U.S. or via VPN from U.S. IP Addresses only.  You pay only for our time required to accumulate the ammount of platinum your desire.  All transactions are conducted promptly and safely in game.  We will never ask for your login or other private account information.  Place your order now with confidence and become one of our thousands of satisfied customers!

Then your order will be completed  in 20mins to 24hours .If any problems,please contact Online Support Customer Service.

We can Parcels items for your char name in game!

Krono (Plz tell me your Server)


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